Reviewed By: Pratishtha Malhotra

Cast: Naseerudin Shah, Pankaj Kapur, Dimple Kapadia, Deepika Padukone, Arjun Kapoor

Directed by: Homi Adhijania


“We have crossed into a different state, a bloody mental state,” Yes! Very correctly put out by the director Homi Adhijania, he surely knew the state of mind we all were suffering through before we saw FINDING FANNY. After a volley of films which more or less looked like unresolved issues if not anything else, FINDING FANNY seems like sunshine. It’s warm and makes you feel cosy about discovering yourself while you discover love on the way too. While everyone week by week comes out and says how different their film is, but eventually they all end up looking the same, FINDING FANNY is actually different! While the characters written in an ensemble film are very clear on their parts, no one steps on anyone else’s periphery making everyone in the film look equals and not more or less. It is a very well treated ensemble film where everyone is equally important for the narrative to be able to move ahead.

Speaking of stalwarts, Naseerudin Shah and Pankaj Kapur…they are just effortless. While Naseerudin Shah plays Ferdie, a lazy postmaster who likes to collect candles for every part of the body which pains. Shah is fantastic in the film. He makes the character of Ferdy just so lovable. He is innocent, sincere and just par excellence. Anything you say about this man is somewhere not enough to describe how wonderful he is.

Pankaj Kapur is someone who genuinely can emote even without saying his lines. He plays a lusty painter Don Pedro who wants to paint Lady Rosalina essayed wonderfully by Dimple Kapadia on the canvas and make her soul come alive, once again. He is someone you look forward to in a film. How very casually he ends up making the most complex characters at ease is something many should learn from this man.

Dimple Kapadia, aka Lady Rosalina is the woman who likes to take charge about everything which happens in the village of Pocoli. With that big behind swaying away left and right, she is such a treat to watch! She is a strong woman who makes sure that things happen her way. She essays the character up to the tee, and I am sure once you’re out of the theatre, you too would be in love with Rosy!

Rosalina and Angie, the latter played by our lovely Deepika Padukone, are the two women without men in their lives as both of them are widows trying to live a life without charm. Angie is a person who can put to a smile to anyone’s face and to be able to perform as well as the veterans in the same frame, Deepika has surely come a long long way. She performs like a veteran in the film emoting every feeling with utmost honesty.

Arjun Kapoor too, whom we all have just seen in a song and dance narrative before FINDING FANNY, is such a revelation in this sweet film. Savio aka Arjun can sulk on for life if needed to and blames everything on the planet on anyone but him. Left with nothing but some crap in the ancestral  house which can fall apart any minute, Savio is disappointed with everything under the sun. With his impeccable acting, Arjun has stayed true to his character as he has turned into Savio. So much that he is there, you see Savio and not Arjun; you believe everything that he is trying to be.

Making a film on the lines of ‘love does exist in all forms and sometimes you just need to find it’ is very aptly shown in a metaphorically lovable narrative called FINDING FANNY. One thing worth mentioning in the film is the not going all out commercial and staying true to the plot. Thank you Homi and team for the brilliant recce that you guys have done for the film. Yes, we were bored out of our wits of seeing Goa only with beaches and rave. From the detailing of the characters and the locations to shooting the film, it looks mesmerising. The DOP, Anil Mehta is a genius and while you are gorging on the lovely quirks that Homi Adajania and Kersi Khambatta have laid out for us, you guys would not mind gorging and drooling over the cinematic appeal of the film. The cinematography is something which has added a sense of shine to this twinkling star. While everyone has come together to make a lovely experience in the name of this film, as a viewer you must surrender to it and enjoy the journey and discover yourself, too, as you find fanny!

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