Reviewed By: Pratishtha Malhotra

Cast: Sonam Kapoor, Fawad Khan, Ratna Pathak Shah, Kirron Kher

Directed By: Shashanka Ghosh


Time and again we come across fairy tale romances which have not been tempered well leading to half-baked or just poorly baked narratives and KHOOBSOORAT is no different. Even though everyone’s excitement stems out from the fact that the pallet of the film looks very chirpy and colourful but sadly that’s about it. Well, now we are not even surprised. The whole idea of being a misfit in the world of royal people has a Disney vibe to it, which the makers tried to do but somewhere got too carried away that they forgot when their characters started to ham. So by default, the film definitely becomes a misfit, a royal misfit to be precise.

Speaking of the production value of the film, man talk monies!!! A hell lot of amount has been spent on it from the looks of the film, but only if there was some meat for us cine goers to bite on, we would have been very grateful. The film looks fancy, glossy, chirpy, colourful and many synonyms of these words but lacks something known as a crisp plot or a narrative leading to something fruitful. You know, there are some films in which you are gripped on to your seats to know the climax and somewhere in you know the climax from the second that you have stepped in, but want to know how it leads to the end and enjoy the journey. But here, there genuinely is no element of surprise.

More or less, this extravaganza in the name of KHOOBSOORAT is more or less just another Sonam Kapoor fiasco if nothing else. Sonam the girl, with a fashion sense of a damsel, looks very beautiful in each and every frame in the film, but then what…. Sonam plays the character of Dr. Milli who is a star doctor. She has been called to the royal palace to help the king stand on his feet again and how the twinkles and sparkles begin as Dr. Chirpy meets the ever so good looking but major boring Prince, essayed by Fawad Khan. Prince Vikram Singh Rathore, as he is called by the commons, has done a good job in the film. As his character demands him to look drop dead gorgeous so everyone can drool all over. He has managed that fantastically. You ogle and how.

This is by far the umpteenth time when we have seen Kirron Kher playing the role of a Punjabi mother but every time you see her, you have fun. Even though she is repetitive, she tries to save this boat by her fun and silly comments as Manju, Milli’s uber cool mum, and is a bit of a comic relief or a relief to be appropriate in this film.

While the casting is as predictable as possible, Ratna Pathak Shah plays the matriarch up to the tee. She reminds the viewer of her much-loved character Maya Sarabhai that she had played in the famous tele series Sarabhai V/s Sarabhai. In Khoobsurat, Ratna plays a similar role very well, but we have seen all these characters do the similar things all these years. In Khoobsurat it feels like somewhere everyone got together to reprise their old roles, yet again.

Even though both Kirron and Ratna are repetitive but, both of them are fun to watch…

While everyone knows what would eventually happen in this fairy tale from the promos, the film is designed to make the children happy and blush over the characters.

The music by Sneha Khanwalkar is wonderful but sadly, it has just been splattered all over in the film, that you don’t enjoy it when it plays every 10 minutes in to the scenes. Director Shashanka Ghosh’s royal mismatch somewhere remains just another release this Friday.

As much as you want to live your Disney fantasy with this one, this just remains yet again silly attempt on something fun.

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