Big Deal!- Ram Kapoor


TV’s big guy, Ram Kapoor tells PRATISHTHA MALHOTRA that if his size is his USP, he is going to use it to his advantage. Going by his growing stature on the big screen, he has a point alright!

Ram is more than happy with how his Bollywood career is panning out. He and his manager are going according to The Plan that they had formulated a while back, and it’s paying off. “My manager and I had a plan for every year with hopes that we’d get to the next level slowly but surely, but even we did not expect so much to come to us as soon as it did!” the charming Ram smiles. “At the start, I was taking up movie projects made on shoestring budgets of r2 crore or less and accepting payments as low as r5 lakh, but times are changing and I put it down to the choices I made. For instance, take my two-scene part in EK MAIN AUR EKK TU that had my TV colleagues going, ‘Kya kar raha hai tu, yaar?!’ But we knew what we were doing. We wanted to get into Dharma and from there, into Yashraj and boom, it happened! EK MAIN… got me STUDENT OF THE YEAR, which got me MERE DAD KI MARUTI, which got me HUMSHAKALS and now I’ve even got three projects in which I’m playing the lead! I want to be an old man when I retire and as a character actor, I’ll have that option since leads have a shorter lifespan. I want to do a lot of different work and make enough money to have a good lifestyle and give my kids whatever they need, yaar.”

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