Goss ‘N’ Gyaan With Hurricane Hansa!

DSC_0566 Salman Khan


So Sallubhai enters the new year, a free man. Will he waltz his lovely Lulia down the aisle, be a devoted daddy to half-a-dozen kids, build safe homes for pavement-sleepers, sell all his cars and only bicycle his way around Bandra? I’m keeping my fingers crossed, my hunny-bunnies. ‘Tis the New Year and hope too is shiny and new!


So I’m putting it down to old habits when our man Salman proved he hasn’t quite made peace with a certain ex… Heck, who are we kidding – it’s Ms. Rai-Bachchan, of course. Now he was supposed to shoot a particular scene for SULTAN but kept delaying it because well, Bhai’s moods are like that only. But after several days of lazy delays, suddenly our chappie lands up at Karjat, insisting that they can that crucial scene asap! Later the penny drops: Bhai was supposed to attend the Ambanis’ splashy party and realised he simply didn’t feel up to encountering the la-la-lovely from his past there, all togged up in Christmas tree fashion! See, court verdicts aren’t the only thing that scare a grown man, tee hee.

Katrina Kaif is done playing the lady. She’s grabbing to keep what’s hers but it’s aKatrina Kaifll sand through the hand, if you ask me. She cut her price by a whopping half just so she could bag this cosmetic brand assignment, only coz she heard they were also approaching her rival-in-every-way, Deepika for the same. And then she swept reluctant beau Ranbir off for a New Year vacation on an island, to put some distance between the said rival and her man. Seriously hoping her plan doesn’t backfire… you know what they say about distance making the heart grow fonder!!

There’s a hidden reason behind Deepika’s airy statement that she will never endorse an Indian make-up brand… Seems way back when she was just a model, her managers tried promoting her to a popular cosmetic brand. The said brand refused, declaring her dusky skin colour didn’t fit their requirements. Years later the same brand returned, making her an irresistible offer. Ofcourse she scathingly refused. Oh the delicious bittersweet taste of revenge!

Dippy’s TAMASHA success party at Olive was so not a success for the unfortunate presswallahs who had camped outside for long hours. When the lady DSC_6102finally emerged after the do had ended, she posed again for pics and then politely enquired if the waiting media had had something to eat. One pizza did come out, she was informed, but they were close to 150 people… so it well, kind of fell short, you know. Oh but that’s so sad, please see to their requirements immediately, she instructed her coterie before driving off. Well, it’s the thought that counts, the hungry presswallahs consoled themselves, for of course that’s all that came their way that evening…

Our media gang can also be a somewhat finicky lot sometimes. Heard some of them complaining about the all-veg Gujju snacks that were sent out to them at the Ambani party… Dhokla and Fafda are not their idea of great party food,Nita Ben kindly noteIf you ask me – and even if you don’t – the whole fuss over the clash between DILWALE and BAJIRAO MASTANI is loads more exciting than the films per se.



Hate-Story-3 If you notice an unexpectedly chilly silence on The makers of HATE STORY 3 celebrated their success party the very next day after its release.  My neighbourhood Auntyji of course found the barely-clad image of Zareen Khan, Karan Singh Grover and Sharman Joshi too scandalous.

‘Such a dirty picture it must be,’ she tch-tched. It can’t be dirty, I informed Auntyji, not with the buxom beauties Zareen and Daisy Shah under the shower all the time!



DSC_8072 Amitabh Bachchan





Amitabh Bachchan’s part regarding his upcoming release, WAZIR, you’re right – it’s entirely intentional! Apparently the legend is not at all happy with the final result and is actually mighty ticked off with director Bejoy Nambiar. But being the soul of decorous behaviour, Bachchan, who is otherwise the Tsar of Twitter dashing off posts at all times of day and night, will not say a thing about his impending release…and let his silence scream everything!!



Shah Rukh Khan completes his personal shopping in about as much time as it takes him to brush his pearly whites. It involves striding into Armani, London and ordering up 20 white shirts, 20 black shirts and 20 suits. The second richest actor in the world… of course he’s got bigger things to do than spend time shopping imaginatively! IMG_4630 Shahrukh Khan

That’s it from me, my sweet-peas. May 2016 be a year of peace! Catch ya next month…


At the recently held ‘TimesLitFest2015’, Twinkle Khanna hosted a hilarious session, where she stated that she had to write a column over a pot-hole open outside her house, for over a month. The government had invested more than 250 crore in re-structuring Mumbai, but the pothole still remained open. Twinkle named the pothole as ‘Gattu’, which is incidentally the name her ex-boyfriend Abhishek Kapoor, is fondly known as in inner circles of B-town. She also fell into the pothole ‘Gattu’ while she was dating him. Oh, the irony!


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