Kunal juggles between multiple commitments

Besides being an actor Kunal kapoor is also an entrepreneur. For those who don’t know, the actor is also the co-founder of the online crowd funding platform called ‘Ketto’. Apparently this start up is Asia’s largest crowd funding platform. Kunal who recently started shooting 6bfdd09863cc9c613482bbe629cda8cffor his first action film ‘VEERAM’ in which he portrays the character of a warrior, seems to have his hands full, shuffling between being an entrepreneur and an actor.

The multi-talented star will be be shooting for the film in Trivandrum with the National Award Winning director Jayaraj for all of next month. Following which he will be travelling to Philadelphia to participate at the prestigious Wharton start up forum, to represent ‘Ketto’ which also recently won the ‘Wharton startup competition’ held in India. But his commitments do not end there. Kunal would also be travelling to China to participate in the well reputed Aspen Leadership Programme.

Talking about the packed schedule he says, “It is challenging and a lot of hard work, but I am passionate about multiple things, and I’m happy putting in the effort to pursue all of them’ says Kunal.

With all that’s lined up, its commendable how he manages his duties as an actor and as that of an entrepreneurs, which are completely different from each other.

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