Teraa Surroor Review – Here’s why you don’t give a good girl to a bad boyfriend!

Reviewed By: Pratishtha Malhotra

Cast: HimeshReshammiya, Farah Karimaee, Shekhar Kapur, Naseeruddin Shah, Monica Dogra, KabirBedi

Directed by: Shawn Arranha

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The CBFC Certificate flashes and there you see the JAI MATA DI slate as the film begins.  You know you have missed Himesh. You want to scream’ Lets Rock’ but controlling your emotions is the key to seating in a film trial where many people are trying to watch this flick with utmost sincerity.

Speaking of being sincere, Himesh is the only one in this fickle world of Bollywood who lives up to the criticism every time he is out with a film and TERAA SURROOR is no exception. It is a ‘lethal love story’ where Raghu ( Reshammiya) is a gangster because, ‘Jurmkiduniyameinusse gangster kehtehain…’ and Tara ( Farah Karimaee) just another pretty inexpressive face who has bought all the crop tops in the world to sport in her debut film *midriff*…  Our V neck wearing businessman with a heart of gold pouts some more and lands another pretty inexpressive face only to get laid for the sake of his duty towards the country. He looks Tara in the eye and says, “ I didn’t cheat on you, I was doing my job… I did it for the sake of my country…” Oh yeah! If only it was this easy to serve the country…. But anyway.

Tara is framed in a drug trafficking activity by a fictional character, Aniruddh Brahman and is jailed in a Dublin, in cute orange overalls of course!  She is seen with a pout which is stronger than ever while she stares at the ceiling from various angles .Well, that’s the beauty of it. Seems like her part in Ireland was shot in a day and the DOP had to shoot every angle of her zoning out. While she zones, Raghu poses and poses some more with a brown vest, aviators and side puffed hair with superglue on it. As the film progresses, you would think that the director Shawn Arranhawas just called to make a feature length music video out of Himesh’s narcissistic wish with all his old songs blasting every five minutes.  We also witness Monica Dogra, Shekhar Kapoor, Kabir Bedi, Naseeruddin Shah who are just a part of the venture to pick up another pay cheque. Naseer is seen as Robin Bird Santino, who is famous for fleeing from 14 jails, trains Raghu how to plan a jailbreak for Tara.

He only works for money as he charges per word spoken which justifies his presence in the film as well.Special mention should be given to the background score as it is the protagonist in the film. It is louder than Himesh and is heard more than him throughout the film.  There are many many more things which are as bizarre as the inception of the thought that Reshamiya should act, but one should go and watch it to know why you shouldn’t give a good girl to a bad boyfriend.




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