Open Letter To Shahid Kapoor After His Character Reveal In Udta Punjab

A renowned editor of a popular website wrote an open letter to Shahid Kapoor. The letter is about how Shahid’s portrayal of Tommy Singh has impressed one and all, post the Udta Punjab Trailer.

The letter states-

Dear Shahid,

It is difficult to get Tommy Singh out of the head. I’ve been watching the Udta Punjab promo on a loop and I find

your madness, the unforgettable look and a total surrender to the character extremely intoxicating. Literally. You told

me in an interview that this role is the most challenging role of your career. Considering you’ve had a Haider in the

past, there must be something truly different in Udta Punjab that made you say so. Now, having seen the promo and

the uncanny premise of the film surely promises a rollercoaster ride littered with sync sound expletives and whacky

music score. Bring it on.

My first impulse after watching the promo was that this guy is an Artiste and he must continue believing in himself. I

tweeted the same almost instantly. Later I thought about it in detail. The ability to take up a gritty subject and to go

all the way must have been quite a journey. The best part is that you seem to be having a ball playing Tommy Singh

in spite of the serious issue of enormous drug menace in Punjab. You may have had a tough time at rocking the box

office charts but the zeal to continue taking up challenging roles is highly respectable.

I am really glad that in the last few years you’ve been making sensible script decisions and choosing directors who

are offering you something truly unusual. I would also like to say that when one looks back at your filmography then

apart from the unsuccessful films that you’ve delivered, you also have a unique distinction of having played

characters that will remain etched in Indian cinema history forever. Ishq Vishq, Vivaah, Jab We Met, Kaminey,

Haider and now hopefully Udta Punjab will ensure that Shahid Kapoor will always be remembered as one of the

greatest actors in Indian cinema, an actor who made bold choices and came out triumphant. Vishal

Bhardwaj’s Rangoon looks extremely good and going by the record that you’ve had with Vishal, it may be another

jewel in your crown. This is not a small achievement. Great performances are remembered for their greatness and

not for the amount of money those films made.

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you something that I’ve thought of telling you for many years now.

You’ve had a difficult relationship with the media. I agree many people from the media at times indulge in

misreporting, careless and sensational journalism. But at the end of the day it is a mutual symbiotic relationship.

Maybe you need to make extra efforts to genuinely reach out to the media, be respectful of them during press

conferences and interviews and you will see the rise in good will. I will give you the example of Aamir Khan. A few

years back, Aamir was totally off media and was often involved in a confrontational battle but then Aamir is known to

be highly introspective. He turned a new leaf. He understood (and he had often said it) that the journalists are only

doing their jobs and many a times the questions that the journos ask in press conferences are forced on them by

their seniors. You need to see Aamir’s press conferences in the last five or six years. He is always on time, indulges in

one to one interactions before the press conferences with a few journalists or photographers he knows personally

and during the press conferences he’s always jovial. He knows there will be silly frivolous questions but he answers

them in a jovial manner without judging the journalist or chiding them. Even after the intolerance debate recently

when many journalists unfairly targeted Aamir, Mr Khan didn’t take it to heart. At his birthday recently he welcomed

all the journalists knowing fully well that some of them or their media houses had been extremely critical of him. A

nice and easy atmosphere was created and it is a win win situation for everyone. The intention in telling you all this

is that maybe you can open up a bit more to the media and try and indulge in a mutually respectful relationship. You

never know it may ease up things for you.

I am excitedly looking forward to interacting with you soon for Udta Punjab and can’t wait for more promos from

what looks like a gem of a movie.

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