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Hello my sweets, allow your ol’ peddler in Bollywood blather, Hurricane Hansa to fill in the blanks… I refer, I’m very happy to say, to my dimpled darling Shah Rukh Khan and his darling wife Gauri. Yep, you read that right; things are – touchwood! – rather darling here, after all. Seems SRK would spend hours with the crew on his latest set chatting sweetly and endlessly with them about this that and the other…and the chappies report that ever so often the wife would casually pop up in the conversations. And if seeing is believing, there would be the regular FaceTime video calls between Mr and Mrs. Khan, who are evidently constantly in touch with each other… About Mrs. Khan, she’s winning accolades of her own and internationally no less, what with her recent furniture presentation at the prestigious trade show Maison&Objet in Paris. With her kids growing up interestingly, her youngest being everyone’s pet, their down time with family and friends at their gorgeous beach mansion in Dubai… Mrs. Khan is right where she belongs, after all. Thank you SRK. Now more than ever I need to believe what you said… ‘Hum ek baar jeete hain, ek baar marte hain, shaadi bhi ek hi baar hoti hai, aur pyaar, pyaar bhi ek hi baar hota hai.’ (KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI). Cynics go make those barfing gestures elsewhere, okay!

IMG_9407 Akshay Kumar & Nimrat Kaur


I fully approve of the rigid rule Twinkle Khanna had allegedly laid down for her Man of the House… Apparently ol’ Akki isn’t allowed to work for more than two films in a row with any heroine; purportedly to nip any growing affection in the bud. Though I wonder if Akki will even be allowed a second film with Nimrat Kaur… Certain sources tell me he had got very, very comfortable with the lovely lady. In fact, an eyewitness on the sets of a TV show they were on to promote AIRLIFT, was downright offended by the ultra-snug and cozy way he was holding his leading lady and in public, at that. No, I dare not say more… It won’t be funny at all for our man if the missus loses it, right, Mrs. Funnybones?!

Anushka Sharma, cutout


So the boyfriend might be dishy and love is a drug but would I throw up the career I’m slaving for to become just another gorgeous WAG sitting in the side-lines? No siree! Expectedly Virat has taken his gal choosing work over marriage, rather badly. Is implying that Anushka was a controlling girlfriend. And that he’s happy spending time with his mommy. Yes, he’s also biting off the heads of those who ask for his take on relationships – “Relationship with who? Anyone? I am not a relationship counsellor. So that’s not a question you should be asking me. Ask the expert please.” But dahlings, I’m betting he’d race right back to the pavilion if Anushka just raised her finger. She just might too, you know. Seems to be trying a li’l too hard herself to prove all’s well with her world, posting a pic of herself and doggie Dude, claiming, “Life is about enjoying the little things.” I foresee these two partnering up again and soon!

Arbaaz Khan & Malaika cutout


Arbaaz Khan really ought to pick up a tip or two from his uber-cool wife on how to handle pressure. Malaika will regally have her spokesperson put across her point on her floundering marriage and her Secret Santa, without moving a single strand of her well-coiffed head. Not so Arbaaz who has been venting on Twitter in a most desperate manner… “Stop frickin reading too much into mine and malaika’s Instagram pictures and speculating about our marriage and writing shit everyday. It’s not my work or films you are talking about, it’s my personal life and marriage and we owe no one any explanations so back off!!! Will talk about my personal life if and when I want to so mind your own business and stop speculating, It shouldn’t be hard to understand…” I do understand, dahling. The pressure must be killing but do try and chill!

Alia Bhatt & Sidharth Malhotra


Certain sources are whispering that it’s Alia Bhatt who is partly the reason why Katbir unglued to become Katrina and Ranbir… But darlings, that’s more than lame coz Sid and she clearly have eyes only for each other – at least when they are together!! You should have seen them at the KAPOOR AND SONS event the other day, leaning in and chatting to each other even onstage and this while the unfortunate Fawad Khan was struggling to speak and hold audience attention. The good-looking Pakistani import actually had to exhort the photog posse, who excitedly and noisily stood up to capture the two lovebirds in conversation, to “let me talk at least!”

Asin 2


If you’re wondering why you saw precious little pictorial proof of Asin’s big splashy wedding to her cellphone magnate, Rahul Sharma, blame it on a hungry, angry media-wallahs. Apparently, not even basic refreshments had been arranged for the camera-people who faithfully trooped up to snap the guests on the red carpet. So they got back the best way they could. No food – no photo!



Was that SRK battling envy or is he actually developing a hearing problem?? Everyone watched goggle-eyed to see host Shah Rukh blithely ignore the BAJIRAO… star each time Ranveer tried to speak to him on stage at a recent awards do. He did come across and shake a leg with Ranveer but only after he’d been asked almost four times! The DILWALE dude is not such a big dilwala after all, hmm?

Salman Khan cutout


No one risks straying into an angry Salman’s path – and he doesn’t even have to be behind the  wheel, tee hee. At the same awards do, the hunky star was left fuming after a malfunction in his act. He supposedly vent his anger backstage, pushing and throwing things around, kicking chairs and the like. The choreographer, who was apparently partly to blame, sensibly vanished. And young lovebirds Sidharth and Alia who had decided to meet and congratulate Salman for his performance, also quickly changed their plans and fled!

DSC_0277 Rahul Roy


At a press conference for CABARET, the media waited endlessly wondering what was keeping Rahul Roy from joining the rest of the cast and teeing off the event. Finally, a long while later, the original AASHIQUI actor emerged from his vanity van claiming he had a guest to attend to. A li’l snooping reveals that the guest was an astrologer without whose advice our Roy boy doesn’t make a single move! I’d have thought it was a little too late in the day for such measures but hey, whatever floats your boat Rahul honey! I’ll say ta-ta now. Go raise a glass of bubbly to the women who make your life special. Speaking of which, if my man Salman were to do the same exercise, he’d need champagne by the crate, no? Catch ya next month!

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