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…Frightening of course for erstwhile Golden Boy Hrithik Roshan, to have her go after him tooth and nail after he tried pooh-poohing talk of their love affair gone wrong. Kangy on the warpath is formidable and whatever the outcome of this ghastly business, it has stripped the truth bare – our man Roshan was evidently up to plenty of tricks on the sly, even as he soulfully implied that it was Sussanne’s sole intention to walk away from their marriage. The world jumped to a conclusion called Arjun Rampal but now suddenly the finger of blame points glaringly at our philosophy-spouting, image-conscious HR…what kinda damage control is he gonna come up with now??? And how, how, is he ever gonna top those splendid lines in her notice which go… “Your client (Hrithik) is living in his own illusionary narcissist world which starts and ends at self-aggrandising. Kangana, in her interview about her silly exes, never mentioned the name of your client (Hrithik). It was your client’s own unwarranted and uncalled reaction that made people look at him and assume that the ‘silly ex’ could be your client.” Really, how silly some exes can be, tee hee!

IMG_9516 Hrithik Rooshan


BTW an old designer pal tells me Hritzy Roshan had his sharp li’l eye on the Redoubtable Ranaut way back during the days of Madhur Bhandarkar’s FASHION; at least two years before they supposedly hit it off while filming KITES in 2010 followed by KRRISH 3. Even then there had been stars in Kangana’s eyes as she spoke of Hrithik being a special guest at an upcoming private preview of her film… Stalking their prey is what the big cats do in the jungle that is B-town, always under cover. …Just like this other lethal panther did when he and Kangana were shooting for their period starrer. But female instinct sniffs out stalking effortlessly and in no time at all, the dude’s wife had wised up to his tactics! Dragon wife suddenly took to dropping in unannounced on the sets at any odd time. Naturally this ensured that our big cat had to behave! Of course, he grew progressively sulkier and grumpier and those who watched the proceedings giggled into their coffee cups because his game was so plain to see… Till the shooting shifted to an outdoor locale and wifey had to stay home with the babies while her uncaged man could finally go do his thing… And so they all – okay most of them! – do. Of course with Kangana breaking the golden rule of silence, she’s got all the big game running for cover, for a change! Kooky perhaps but plenty courageous too!

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Watching Sanjay Dutt’s stylishly coiffed hair as he emerged from the prison gates, bowed and saluted, it is being seriously pondered whether his faithful hair stylist Aalim had also been smuggled into Yerawada prison… He always does Baba’s hair for his films and Raju Hirani was shooting the entire episode of Dutt leaving the jail for his biopic on Dutt, so I’m guessing the make-up Dada just might have been inside too!!

DSC_4253 Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli


So you’ve heard that they split because he proposed marriage and she wanted time but now I hear that the couple, who might be getting back together, actually had money issues! Apparently when the budget of BOMBAY VELVET went overboard, Anushka Sharma had asked Virat Kohli if he wanted to help pitch in. He did, to the tune of Rs.40 crore, apparently. And months later when he did bring up that li’l issue, it created differences, distance and a break-up. To think Anurag Kashyap’s debacle is still having negative consequences!

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For all those smirking that Ranbir Kapoor has emerged scot-free from yet another break-up, there are those who will have you know that the loss to his pocket has not been inconsiderable. If he lost out on the money he had been forking out to rent the love-pad during his live-in with Katrina, JAGGA JASOOS, which he is also co-producing, has borne the brunt of delays due to the now estranged couple’s issues. I know the finance-savvy Rishi Kapoor must not appreciate this at all! Katrina Kaif meanwhile has supposedly found herself a four-bedroom apartment just adjacent to Salman’s Galaxy apartments. She’s definitely orbiting him now but then so is Daisy Shah, Eli Avram, Chitrangada Singh, Iulia Vantur and even, on and off, Kangana Ranaut. However do they manage not to collide?!

DSC_4265 Alia Bhatt


Personal shopping is so passe. Our B-town beauties are more into dressing up their homes these days. There’s Alia Bhatt shopping around to decorate her new house which she soon moves into. She’s been gushing over its New York loft-like vibes, really cosy and not too modern with walls of exposed brick and boxy windows. So chic. I can just imagine cuppas being imbibed in that quirky kitchen, she and Sid, their heads together… And don’t somebody tell me the romance is just a convenient cover-up, please!! Alia Senior – ummm… I mean, Kareena Kapoor Khan of course, has also been busy shopping for interior stuff. Of course her tastes are suitably more royal – namely antiques from different parts of the world for her new house which she and her Nawab plan to shift into soon. Who said hotties can’t be homemakers too!

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Priyanka Chopra is all honey…and hard steel. Ask Ruby Rose. The latter, who stars alongside Deepika Padukone in xXx: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE, recently wondered aloud at whether Priyanka’s ‘Quantico’ promo was a shampoo ad, adding “but then I thought it was weird with the guns and all”. A quiet collective gasp went up but PC soon gave it back like she does best. “Aww thank you,” she simpered in response to Ruby Rose on Twitter, adding, “Great hair comes naturally to Indian girls. Sure Deepika will concur!” RR, who obviously knew she was beaten, had to join the gush fest, responding, “Yes, it’s other worldly!! And skin!! And Deepika…I’m always telling her off for being too beautiful haha”. Haha indeed!

IMG_5046 Kareena Kapoor


Now just as we all know Kareena is her own ‘apni favourite’ and by that logic, her husband’s too, she is also the tiniest bit insecure about Deepika Padukone. So at a recent press con when talk come up about RACE 3 and the possibility of Saif and Deepika being paired up yet again, her feelings on the matter were naturally sought. With the slightest toss of her head Bebo darling pointed out, “We are all actors and Saif-Deepika’s on screen chemistry is just acting whereas Saif’s off-screen chemistry is not at all that great with Deepika”. Well, well, is that what the naughty ol’ Nawab tells his begum to keep her pacified (wink! wink!) Of course, this talk of chemistry didn’t end there. Pesky journos looking for their scoop of the day had to ask her about her chemistry with ex-Shahid Kapoor. But she had the last laugh when she threw her head back and drawled, “Superhot!” No wonder when it comes to Bebo, we superlove!

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