Iftaar Drama Turns Damp Squib!

Baba Siddiqui’s Iftaar party makes people always come back home with tummies full and ears buzzing with all that you hear. For us scribes, it is more about getting gossip on everything that is making rounds in the industry, and what the who is who is upto. However, Salman Khan seems to have made it his personal agenda that he gives everyone something to talk about whenever he ventures into Baba’s iftaar party.

Iftari Party (1)

While he sometimes choses to hug his then archrival Shah Rukh Khan, or suddenly make up his mind to escort Katrina Kaif, his ex – Salman Khan certainly knows what would make the talk of the town where he is concerned. This time around though the news was a wee bit too garnished thanks to some other enthusiastic fans we are told.

It so happened that while Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were together at the iftaar party, they didn’t in any circumstance walk around hand in hand, much to a certain Iulia Vantur’s delight. Apparently the photograph of the two of them holding hands and walking out of the party was doctored.

Iftari Party (3)

“Salman is someone who guards his personal life very well, also given he is not someone who people like to push, so most of the times stories about him are mere ‘speculations’ however this whole Iulia and Katrina angle to his love story is definitely getting interesting. No one knows what Bhai is upto for he is certainly ensuring that he holds the cards really close. It is fact that Iulia is like family to the khans but the way Katrina is back to mingling with all, one cannot quite say what is brewing. However, they are certainly not back together, it that’s something of a news!” exclaimed our source. Let’s take a poll, who would do think will finally win this eligible Khan’s hand in marriage?

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