Poster Alert: Sonakshi Sinha Is Back From The Break!

13466145_1129302973796769_3661758967898262507_nAKIRA poster is out. And Sonakshi Sinha has given us a glimpse of what she is upto with his Murgadoss venture. For a long time it did feel like Sona was becoming the most predictable actress in Bollywood. She acted with all and sundry but did very repetitive work but all that stops with AKIRA. She is out there giving a mean punch to anyone who thought she didn’t have it in her to redefine herself.

“Sonakshi’s AKIRA is the first film she will be doing post LOOTERA which will see her in a different light. She is not only looking different physically but also doing different kind of cinema which was long over due in her case. She is not an ordinary actress, she needn’t have limited herself for all these years. It is a necessary change that AKIRA will bring about, and we will also come to know how much she brings to the table with a film that’s singularly on her shoulders,” expressed the trade analysts who suggest to hold onto the jubilations for it is time to wait and watch.

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