Actors who bravely spoke about their personal trouble

In a country like India, opening up about personal issues is something which is not considered worthy of attention. However, there are celebrities who have recovered from their issues and spoke about it in public, not for attention but for a simple reason AWARENESS and to help people get over the issues they face. Below are some brave artists we have in Bollywood, who battled their issues and are spreading awareness.

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Kalki spoke about Rape:

Kalki Koechlin bravely spoke about being sexually abused when she was a kid. She feels if she had confidence or awareness of confiding it to her parents at an early age, it would have helped her live a better life. She spoke about Rape that this is such a huge thing but taken very lightly and people avoid talking about it. She wants people to understand it and open about their issues too.

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Richa spoke about struggles being on the glam world and Bulimia:

Richa Chadha gave an inspirational talk at the recent TEDx in Delhi, she opened up about being in this glamorous world is not easy and fancy as it looks. She spoke about how she suffered through Bulimia, again this was not for sympathy but for people to open up and share their issues too. While talking about the issue it was not for the sympathy but to encourage people to open up and share the problems they are facing which could help them overcome the concerned issue.

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Anurag talking about cinema being a close mind place:

Well, this is very recent that Anurag Kashyap spoke about his issues with censorship. It is his rights as a director or a producer to express his thoughts through cinema and convey the message that he wishes to. Recently he spoke how difficult it is to not show the real world in the reel world, where we all are aware of the truth. He also spoke about creativity, that he wants people to open their mind so that film makers have a open mind to make and serve films as they visualize it

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Nandita talking about racism: 

Nandita Das who spoke about her not being fair and discriminating her from an actress to a dusky beauty. She strongly believes that being dark is not an aberration. Either she was asked to lighten her skin tone or deal with playing a low cast character. She wants girls to believe that their worth is not based on their skin colour.

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Deepika padukone on how she had to take medicine for depression:

Getting up for HNY climax was a struggle for Deepika as she was going through depression. Once while talking to her mom, she broke down and her mother realised the problem. Later she asked her to consult a psychologist who also happened to be her friend who concluded that she was suffering from anxiety and depression. After she got over with her depression she started an NGO called LIVE LOVE LAUGH which deals with the issue of mental health.

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