“As an actor, admiration and support from fans is all you need” Dishank Arora

Dishank Arora (2)


The Balika Vadhu actors talks candidly with Viraj Sawant about his upcoming film, MISSING ON A WEEKEND and tells us why it’s special.

What sort of a role do you play in MISSING ON A WEEKEND?

I play the role of an investigating Cop who reports to Pawan Malhotra Sir. It’s a very different role as I have never played a cop ever before.

Is the film about the fight against the drugs culture in Goa?

The film’s background is in Goa but it deals with other issues, you will have to watch it to know more about it in detail

How was it working with Pawan Malhotra? What advices or acting tips are you taking back home from him?

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Pawan Sir. I come from a TV and Ad world and shooting for Missing on a weekend was more like a film school for me. Pawan Sir, who I have most of my scenes with is my guru, my mentor. My respect for Pawan sir doubles every time I watch him create magic on screen. Really look forward to work with him soon.

How different was it shooting for a film from a television soap?

Both the industry’s work differently. You have more time to experiment when you’re shooting for a film whereas with TV, especially daily soaps, there are various factors an actor needs to keep in mind while performing.

Do you feel that you should have started with films from the beginning?

I am a performer. I have done ads, TV and now Films. For me what matters is the character role that I am expected to perform on, the medium doesn’t really matter. As long as I get to do meaty, strong content driven scenes, I am happy.

Why did you choose MISSING ON A WEEKEND as your debut film?

When I was called for the audition, I was in two minds as I was already shooting for a daily soap on TV. But I guess, it is all written. I could not reject an offer to work with Pawan Sir and a new young cast on the other hand. It has all been a great learning experience.

This film is a first for many people associated with it. What are your expectations from the film?

Yes, first for many. I am really looking forward to see the audience’s reaction. My TV fan following definitely seems to be excited as I keep getting so many messages on Social media and as an actor, admiration and support is all you need sometimes.

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