A tad embarrassing that even as wife Farah Khan has come out strongly in support of her husband Shirish Kunder’s short film KRITI being original, the film has been pulled off YouTube in response to Nepali filmmaker Aneel Neupane’s allegation that it has been copied from his own film BOB.

Kunder had denied the allegations and even sent a legal notice to the makers of Bob for making “false and defamatory allegations against him”. Kunder had demanded a written apology from Neupane with instructions to refrain from making any oral or written comments about the film.

Farah Khan had joined in support of KRITI declaring, “It’s really sad. It is after a while that he made a film and people have been liking it. By now, it has got almost three million hits. He decided to seek legal recourse and does not want to say anything more about it. Now, he wants the film to do the talking.”

According to her, Shirish had started working on the idea for almost three years, when she was shooting for HAPPY NEW YEAR (2014). She claimed that writing is a long process and he had many scripts with him. Addressing the issue of there being similarities between the two films, Farah declared, “KRITI is a pschyo thriller, and there is almost always a psychiatrist in films of this genre, so you can’t say it was copied from another film. A script goes to a lot of people involved in the project — from the production house, casting agents, costume designer and actors. How is it not possible that someone stole our idea? Planning was going on for a year. The timelines do not match; their film was uploaded in May; KRITI was shot in February.”
With KRITI being pulled off and unavailable for viewing, it does seem like advantage BOB. For a short film, KRITI has been rather big on controversy! …But then Shirish Kunder seems to have a special knack for that!


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