“Virginity is my property yaar!” Pia Bajpai

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Pia Bajpai talks to Shubarna Mukerji Shu about all things ‘Virgin’


Tell us about the film “The Virgins”
It’s a very interesting concept. It is about pre-marital sex, its about Virginity. It is a short film of 13 minutes, we shot the whole film in 3 days. The team is excellent and this is the first time I have worked with Sandeep Sir and it was an amazing experience. He made manjunath in the past and it was a pleasure working with him. Akshay Oberoi is opposite me, I have done Laal rang with him in the past so we share a special bond. I shot with Divyendu for the first time. This is an very interesting film, its a funny take on Virginty and pre marital sex. We are not preaching in the film nor we want to change the ideologies of the youth. Its just a film and its for entertainment and thats it.

Tell us about your role:

The name of my character is Anika and she is about to get married, so when she goes to meet the guy she is about to marry, she get stuck in the whole chakkar of virginity


What is our take on Virginity?

For me Virginity is my property yaar, I lose it or I keep it its up to me and its no ones business.  No one has the right to tell me what to do and what not to do. There is nothing right or wrong about it, to each its own. Its all in our minds, so there is no definition. There are so many people who are cool about it. Like for eg: no body till date have asked me if I am a virgin or no. If they would have asked me I would never go on a date with them ever.


No matter what we think, there are still so many people who think that its important to be a virgin before marriage. what is your take on it.

See kuch to log kahenge logo ka kaam hai kehna. But how many people actually follow it. Infact the times are changing, and now a days mothers actually tell their daughters, Beta LADKE se hi Shaddi karna. and tell me do you know anyone who havent kissed someone else before marriage, if someone says they haven’t kissed someone else they are lying for sure.


Tell us about your forth coming projects

I am doing this film names Mirza Juliet with Darshan Kumar, who was last see in Sarabit, besides There is one more project but I cant talk about it.

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