“When I see Aamir serious I laugh…”

MADHURI DIXIT, who still makes hearts skip a beat, goes into rewind mode with SHAGUN GANDHI.


How different is ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ from ‘Jhalak Dhikhhla Jaa’?
It’s totally different. ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’ was about celebrities and this is about normal people. They come from all walks of life. They have struggled too hard to be where they are and so their back-stories are very interesting. They are people whose families have given up on them or don’t support them but they have a deep passion to dance. What they have done this time in SYTYCD is that it is stage versus street. So stage is a form, which encompasses dance forms like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Contemporary, Latin style etc. Street is Hip-Hop, House, Crumping and other styles of dancing. So they have taken different dance forms from each and they are making them do different styles. We judge on how versatile they are as dancers.

How is it working with co-judges Terence and Bosco?
It has been wonderful. I’ve known Terence since many years and this is the first time I met Bosco. He does most of the recent songs. Both are very nice to get along with.

Lesser-known facts about you?
There is no fact that people don’t know. There’s everything that everybody knows! My life is like an open book.

How do you look back at all the years that you have spent in the industry?
Well, the journey has been very interesting. What I like about it is that I’ve got a lot of love from people and I still continue to get that. I’m fortunate to have worked with very good directors and to have done lovely songs like ‘Ek do teen…’, ‘Dola re dola…’, ‘Channe ke khet mein…’, ‘Aaja nachle…’… The best thing is that I’ve enjoyed every minute doing my work.


It’s said that to achieve something in life one has to make a lot of sacrifices. Have you scarified anything on your way to stardom?
I started working when I was 16. TEZAAB came and after that there was no looking back. All I did was just work. I was doing something I loved so there were no complaints. Every morning I used to wake up with a lot of enthusiasm that “Oh my god, today I will be working again!” How many people can actually say that they are doing something that they actually love and they get to hone their talents in that? So I’ve been lucky.

Which has been your most challenging film so far?
Well, I’ve done a lot of challenging films. I remember my first movie… That was the first time I faced a camera in my life. To learn everything, to learn the language of cinema, was new to me. Then of course my song ‘Ek do teen…’ which was again a challenge for me as I was a classically trained dancer. So for the first time, I had to try a very ‘Bollywoodish’ dance. And I worked very hard for it. The entire role in TEZAAB was also a challenge because it was a very high-octane drama, which I wasn’t used to playing.

Who, according to you, will be the next ‘Queen Bee’ in Bollywood, a position that you held during your time?
There are so many actors who are doing fantastically well currently. It’s about whoever acts well, does well and the film does well. I believe that every actor brings his or her own personality and that’s how I see it.

Any pranks that you’ve played on someone or ever been tricked?
It was during DIL… Aamir and I, both played pranks on each other all the time. So now when I see Aamir serious, I laugh it out because he has been so naughty before. Lots of pranks were played during that movie because the director of DIL himself was very mischievous.


How do you manage to balance it all out between your work and your family?
I don’t work all the time. The main thing is to balance and to prioritise. You should know what your priorities are.  And also planning is very important. When I was doing films before, there was no planning involved. It used to happen suddenly – “Shooting hai, chalo!” That’s why the rush used to happen.  In today’s world, one can plan easily.

What’s up next?
So far it’s YTYCD. I’m listening to scripts and I really want to do something that I enjoy doing.

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