Nuggets of info that you really shouldn’t be going about your daily business without… For instance…


…That apparently the services of no less than 110 employees of Red Chillies Entertainment were terminated recently. Word goes, bossman Shah Rukh Khan’s films have not exactly been hitting the bull’s eye of late and some cost-cutting had become necessary. Word also goes that while the company is not exactly experiencing a financial crunch, SRK’s customary grandiose style and generosity with his staff made this move imperative. If B-town’s badshah can feel the pinch, imagine the plight of us mortals!!



…That the Mukerji siblings Kajol and Tanisha have very different shopping methods. While the elder sis is supposedly an avid online shopper (anything to avoid interacting with unnecessary folks, ha?) the younger loves hitting the malls. An expert at checking out the stores, Tanisha enjoys the act of physically trying out the clothes and experiencing the accessories for herself before she makes her purchases. But mind you, all the armloads of shopping bags are not for herself alone – Tanisha is quite the indulgent aunt and loves picking up stuff for her niece, Kajol’s daughter Nysa. With Nysa blossoming into quite the looker, we wouldn’t be surprised if a few years down the line a career in films beckons…


…That despite being one of the biggest brands, the iconic Amitabh Bachchan claims he understands nothing of marketing mantras! He will tell you that terms like business management, brand and marketing are new to him. In fact, he will go so far as to tell you that he is not aware of his image nor does he know what he should do to create a certain image. Whatever comes his way, he does it. Matters of branding and imaging, he prefers to leave to the professionals in the field. That’s the main reason why the Bachchan brand shows no sign of diminishing, methinks!


…That under his casual, cool demeanour, Akshay Kumar is a very sharp man. He will not miss a chance to drive his point home, even if he does it with a coating of humour. So, at a recent presser when a mediaperson mistakenly mentioned that his film RUSTOM was about wrestling, Akki rose to the challenge. Every chance he got after that, he would keep reminding the erroneous journo that his film had nothing to do with wrestling! Gosh, the Salman effect!!


…That there has been considerable speculation about Diana Penty signing the movie ATITHI IN LONDON. That is, however, not true. Apparently, Diana was offered the film, but she is not doing the film. As of now, it’s just ‘Diana in Mumbai’, tee hee.


…That his glamorous wife loves posing for the paps, but Abhishek Bachchan actively resents being hounded by the photogs. Not for AB Jr. the charade of PR machinery informing the lensmen regarding his whereabouts and arrivals and departures at airports – he detests that and will have none of it. In fact he jibes that soon red carpets would be laid out at airports and actresses would arrive in gowns! Haha… and we can so imagine Ash doing just that!


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