Movie inspired from Agatha Christie’s play Rats!​

(From left to right) - Actor Shreyas Talpade,

Agatha Christie, famous for writing thriller plays, novels and short stories is one of the most respected authors of all time. So it comes as no surprise when she still continues inspire the new generation of directors even after so many years.

Director of the upcoming movie ‘Pratichhaya’, Mukesh Jadhav, who has always been influenced by the writer’s work, takes inspiration from

​Agatha Christie’s one act play, ‘The Rats’. The director had earlier worked on the same play during his college days, and he refreshed old memories as he planned a movie from its inspiration, but with a new twist. The movie Pratichhaya offers an intriguing premise and a shocking conclusion that was left unanswered in the short play.

Director Mukesh Jadhav and Actor Shreyas Talpade

Talking about the upcoming movie Director Mukesh Jadhav says, “It was like walking down the memory lane and creating something of novelty through a legendary play. The film is a sensitive exploration of the darker side of female desire – a woman’s passion warped by her jealousy and sense of deprivation. The film circles around the fact that the human mind is capable of great evil. While most of us would be shocked to see a dead body, there are some people who can hide one for 48 hours in their own house and go about their daily routine like nothing ever happened. We’re touching upon that gap between our true face and the one we save for the world”.

Makarand Deshpande on sets

​The movie includes Actor Shreyas Talpade, Makarand Deshpande, who were friends of Director Mukesh Jadhav in college. It also includes actor Rahul Dev,Malkhan and Australian stars​ Zenia Starr, Nicholas Brown and Charles Thomson.​ The movie is being produced by Desert Rose Holdings Ltd., a UAE based investment company, in association with Motion Media Arts Pvt. Ltd..

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