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So fifty appears to be the magic age at which rambunctious rolling stones finally slow down… Hello my peeps, I’m sure you agree with your gossip gal Hurricane Hansa that we have never seen our Sultan behave so mature and calm in love. He’s with his beloved at every important do in town, including her birthday and other family functions. His court cases are miraculously (for want of a better word) going in his favour – the 18-year-old Chinkara/ Blackbuck poaching case is the latest to have bitten the dust. He’s dangling babies on his knee – appears dotty about young nephew Ahil – and while I don’t really see him go down on one knee to pop the question and the ring, buzz has it that November 18 – it’s also his parents’ wedding anniversary – will be the day that B-town’s Bachelor No.1 will finally hang up his wayward boots. Well-done, Ms. Vantur…and I’m sure those aging hormones must have helped too, tee hee.

DSC_0262  Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone

Please don’t mention the m-word around Deepika darling and her beau. Not while she’s trying her darndest to replicate Priyanka’s success in the West; to the extent that she has even signed up with PC’s old agents. And not while she has reportedly hiked her asking price from Rs.8-Rs.9 crore to Rs.10-Rs.11 crore (we await a similar action from bete noir, Kangana Ranaut any second!) for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s PADMAVATI. So even if the two are supposedly engaged with their parents’ blessings and are supposed to tie the knot next year, DP will trot out, “I am not pregnant, I am not engaged, I am not married. I am not planning to get married anytime soon.” Why, she’s evidently even trained the otherwise gushing Ranveer to say things like “Iss type ki fizool ki baatein na karen” when asked about D-day. It’s classic Dippy and I really didn’t expect any different.

IMG_9360  Salman Khan cutout

Aamir Khan was apparently heard asking whoever he met, if they had watched SULTAN and liked it. And I don’t think the positive feedback was doing the ol’ insecurity any good at all, haha. Incidentally, I wonder if our DANGAL dude asked Katrina the same question – now she probably looooved it given that she attended not one but two screenings of the film! Ah… and to think of the time she avoided speaking to Salman completely in the past to avoid upsetting her then-beau. Between buttering up her once-lover Salman and soft-soaping Karan Johar, I do sincerely hope some good work comes her way. Coz the love life looks utterly wrecked. If there was the teeniest shred of possibility of Ranbir and her reuniting, she’s probably gone and ruined it forever. Leaking the matter of a certain embarrassingly personal video involving RK’s close buddy, Ayan Mukerji, has most likely burned all her reconciliation bridges, poor dear. RK’s never gonna buy her fake ‘I did it by mistake’ claims. Sweet revenge invariably has a bitter aftertaste. Maybe Kat can come up with a funny post about it on Facebook, her newest interest?

Akshay Khanna (4)


Success can be such a hard mistress. If there’s this star son who is supposedly using drugs to help cope with a career that has more misses than hits in spite of his tremendous talent, there’s another young star who is apparently on an alcoholic binge brought on by the fact the he is suddenly so hugely successful. Of course you will never hear the said gentlemen ever talking about their addictions. It takes an Akshaye Khanna to take the bull by the horns and address sensitive topics like his own alleged alcoholism, even if he went on to dismiss it, saying, “I don’t want to dwell on the four years (that he was out of action) except to say that there were personal issues that did not allow me to work. The alcohol rumours are nonsense. I don’t gossip but I understand that when you are not around to clarify things, there is some loose talk.” It is brave to admit to ‘personal issues’ in image-obsessed Bollywood and just for him I pre-booked my ticket for DISHOOM. The beefcake courtesy John and Varun was just incidental, tee hee.

IMG_1518 Sanjay Dutt

So, I’d love to think the cold war between Sanju and Sallu melted into gooey affection as they partied hard together in Spain a while ago. But darlings, the fear is… did the two even remember that they had kissed and made up once they had returned home?? Peg-induced camaraderie can really fizzle out fast in cold daylight, no? But I’m betting he won’t forget Hrithik’s slip-up for a while. Seems when Salman had suggested that Hrithik perform on stage along with Daisy Shah, our Roshan bright spark politely agreed…only to tell the organisers later that he would not do so. Thoroughly annoyed, our man Salman was heard fuming that Hrithik should have told him upfront that he didn’t want to do it. Yeah right, and risk a black eye.

Women15 Kajol cutout


Pretty newbie Sayyeshaa recently commented on how her SHIVAAY leading man Ajay Devgn’s calmness would rub off on the entire cast and crew. That famed calmness evidently hasn’t worked as successfully on the missus, though… Buzz goes that ever since Kajol took it upon herself to steer the promotional and marketing responsibilities of the film, it’s been raining fire and brimstone at Ajay Devgn Films. Famed for her tantrums and short-temper, it’s supposedly been anything but easy for the staff, who have to deal with the boss’s wife who is the bossiest thing in the building. Of course, Kajol being Kajol, she probably takes this as a compliment ; )

IMG_8575 Hrithik Roshan

Did Hrithik Roshan actually shoot off messages to his friends and acquaintances revealing how disappointed he was that no one had supported him during the time of his very public fracas with Kangana? Can’t be… Our Roshan would have more sense than that… I think!

Yes, my Dimpled Darling was complimenting his contemporary on how hard he works on his body, putting on weight and then losing all the extra pounds. But somehow Shah Rukh pointing out that Aamir is very disciplined while he isn’t, kinda sounded to me like a compliment in reverse… Discipline is boring! Long as you’re not hurting somebody, bad is infinitely better, I say. Catch ya next month, my peeps!

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