​​​Shreyas Talpade’s next film Wah Taj gets a legal Notice

Taj Mahal Band

A legal notice has been sent to the makers of Wah Taj, Staring Shreyas Talpade and Manjari​ ​​Fadnis in the lead. The film is releasing on 23rd September and to promote the film the makers of the film Wah Taj have stuck posters all across Agra which says, ” Taj Closed! Decision on Maharashtra’s Tukaram Case..

​​TajMahal to be closed for the tourists from 23rd September, 2016 by the Honorable Court’s order” These posters have created an havoc all across Agra and an legal notice has been sent to the makers of the film Wah Taj by Madan Mohan Sharma who is a social activist.

T​he case has been registered yesterday (Sunday) at Hariparvat police station against Producer Abhinav Verma, Director Ajit Sinha and Pawan Sharma, Actor Shreyas Talpade and Manjari ​F​adnis for creating a havoc in Agra and spoiling the image of the country. The police is investigating the matter.

T​aj Mahal is not only popular in India but people from all over the world comes to visit the 7th Wonder of the World. Thousand’s of people visits Taj Mahal in a day and these kind of posters not only gives a bad impression but also it reduces the footfalls.

​”I got to know that there has been a legal notice sent to the makers of the film Wah Taj, but It was just a part of the movie promotions and marketing strategy, I don’t understand why is it taken to another level by blowing it up.” Says Shreyas Talpade

​​” ​There is unnecessary brawl and chaos happening in Agra to blow up the story. This is all a marketing strategy for our film to promote it in a very unique way. I request the people of Agra and the government not to worry about tarnishing the image of Tajmahal or Agra for that matter. Our film boasts of the picturesque Tajmahal in the best possible manner being the centre plot of the story. ​”​ Says Director Ajit Sinha

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