Karan Johar & Kajol’s friendship ends?


The box office battle between Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay and Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkilgot dirty on Thursday, with former Bigg Boss contestant-turned-critic Kamaal R Khan alleging in an audio recording that he was paid Rs 25 lakh by the latter to tweet positively about Ae Dil Hai Mukshil. Ajay Devgn has tweeted an audio of a conversation– reportedly between Shivaay‘s co-producer Kumar Mangat and Kamaal R Khan — where the latter is heard saying that Johar paid him Rs 25 lakhs. This is in response to Mangat’s query as to why he was tweeting positively about Karan Johar’s film and negatively about Shivaay. The audio, which was reportedly recorded by Mangat, is not verified.

Ajay’ statement-

‘I have been a part of the Indian film industry for the past 25 years and have been associated with over 100 films. My father was a professional action director and I have emotional connection with this industry,’ Ajay said in a statement.

‘It therefore pains me to see that people like Kamaal R Khan are holding the film industry to ransom by spreading negativity about films to extort money from producers,’ he said.

‘It is very sad that people from our own industry are supporting such elements and spoiling the ethos of industry. I would strongly demand that this be thoroughly investigated by competent authorities to clarify if Karan Johar was indeed involved in this,’ Ajay added.  While the actress is Ajay Devgn’s wife, she is also a good friend of Karan Johar. This might be the hard time for her, as she would have to pick between two important people in her life.  And we have a hint what side she has picked. Kajol took to Twitter to retweet the audio clip shared by her husband and captioned it “SHOCKED”. Ouch Karan.

Later, Mr KRK tweeted, ‘Let me clear it. Karan Johar has never paid me or asked me to bash #Shivaay n you can hear it in the tape. I said 25 Lakhs to avoid Kumar.

‘Kumar+Ajay offered me money to bash #AeDilHaiMushkil as he is offering in the tape also but I refused. I told them that I will do it free.’

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