A weekend off would see Richa Chadha vegetating as she hasn’t had a holiday in a while. She would probably tuck into her favourite home-cooked meals of Dal Chawal or Rajma Chawal, all of which she eats as part of her great food plan drawn up in association with noted dietician, Rujuta Diwekar. Richa being Richa refuses to feel guilty about pleasure! She works it all off doing Plyometrics, including innovative workouts in cardio. She has quit weight training. As far as destinations go, she likes San Francisco and Sweden but refuses to have a ‘favourite’, as she explains with infallible logic – “You cannot go to the same place over and over again!” Her beauty tips have more to do with the inner self as she advocates being happy, sleeping well, staying hydrated and always getting enough exercise. Just be yourself and carry yourself with confidence is her tip for the best make-up. A music buff to the core, she likes all kinds of music including old classical, ghazals, tango, heel tap music and even pop. The only music you will never catch her listening to is death metal. With a preference for casual clothes in day to day life, she likes to go quirky and experiment when she has to dress up and go out.

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