Abhishek gets trolled on twitter


Twitter is a battle ground for most agreements and disagreements, and often celebrities become a dart board for such battles. Abhishek Bachchan is one of those people who are often at the receiving end of such comments, but he is the king of comebacks when it comes to taking sarcasm and turning it around. A similar incident happened when Aditi Mittal, an Indian comedian, tried to make some ‘punny’ comments at him. What followed was pure entertainment.

Aditi posted on twitter, “Aishwarya had to m marrying a tree first so she could marry a rock (mince Abishek can’t act no?).”

To this, AB replied, “@awryaditi the question mark at the end suggests that you have a doubt, mince, there is hope for me. Yay!”

Later, the two stars exchanged a series of tweets with the comedian later covering up for her tweet by addressing Junior Bachchan as ‘Rockstar’.

Well, now that’s indeed amazing of Abhishek to shut the trolls with his optimistic attitude. Respect!

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