Desi Girl- Sonali Bendre

The festival of Ganesha has always been a special occasion for Sonali Bendre, born and brought up in a conservative Maharashtrian family she has fond memories of the festival and celebrated it ever since she was a little girl.

Carrying the tradition ahead, the former actress and much loved television personality has over the last couple of years had grand celebrations during this festive season.

Apart from being one of her favorite festivals, the time also brings back fond memories of family and friends gathering together. She has also personally looked into the entire decorations and set up and ensuring that her guests are well looked after.

However, this year, she will be organising a quiet celebration unlike the one s she normally has , owing to the death to her pet dog.

Says Sonali, ” The festival of Ganesha is a very special time for my family and I leaving work aside to welcome lord Ganesha. This year was a sad time for the family as our dog passed away and hence it will be a quiet , solemn celebration this year”.

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