Indo-Pak come together in US!


Yes, Sonu Nigam and Atif Aslam are all set to enthrall fans in North America for the very first time together.

Sonu Nigam, the one name known for transcending eras, lending his soulful voice to various successful tracks for over two decades, is all set to perform in North America along with Atif Aslam. The duo will croon in New Jersey, LA, Houston, San Jose, Vancoure B.C, Chicago and Austin. Sonu and Atif created a thunder in the event circle by teaming together for the first time in Dubai, and then in Malaysia and Singapore. Considering the huge demand of this combination, their first tour ever in USA and Canada is scheduled from 16th Sept.

A source close to Sonu claims that the singer is leaving no stone unturned for this tour, “This is Sonu’s first big tour post his legs surgery and he’s eager to go on stage and experience his default bliss again. For the same he has been practicing and rehearsing for hours at a stretch.” He goes on to add that Sonu enjoys working with Atif as they compliment each other very well, “Sonu and Atif have performed in Malaysia, Dubai and Singapore before and the shows were a huge success. Both are great singers and performers and are coming back together on public demand.”

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