Sonam Kapoor does a good cause!

Sonam Kapoor reads to the children suffering from cancer at the Tata Memorial Hospital !

Sonam Kapoor recently turned ambassador for Cuddles Foundation, India’s only NGO that helps meet the nutritional needs of thousands of children afflicted with cancer every year.

The actress has always worn her heart on her sleeve and has pledged to not just support the organization but also devote a considerable amount of her time to visiting the hospitals and meeting the children associated with them.

Sonam Kapoor recently visited the children’s cancer ward at the Tata Memorial Hospital, where she spent a couple of hours with the children there.She read to them from a book called “Gubloo And His Magic Rings” , that aims at creating awareness among kids, in a fun and playful way, about the importance of eating right.

Sonam has already pledged to look after the nutritional requirements of 10 kids suffering from cancer.She is also  working with a team of 24 nutritionists ,who are also associated with the foundation, to provide the children with everything they need to get through this challenging time.

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