Bailey – John Abraham’s new Love!


They say it’s a dog’s life, but that might not be such a bad thing if you have John Abraham by your side.

There are many who say that they have done a great deal of charity work, many who just do lip service but there are some who really mean what they say and John Abraham is certainly one of them. Over the years, John has always strongly supported welfare programmes for animals and has a longstanding equation with PETA and People For Animals – While the actor has long wanted to adopt a pet his choc-o-bloc schedule never gave him the time.

John recently however adopted a stray three month old pup, who was rescued from the streets by an animal adoption agency.

Says a source, “John has wanted to adopt a pet for the longest time ,however, it was only last week that he met a three month old female pup who he immediately fell in love with.He has named the pup Bailey.Bailey was rescued from the streets by an agency and John recently brought her home,much to the delight of his entire family”.

If you thought you it is his superstardom that makes him feel magnanimous towards the needy, you are wrong. Very few know that John’s love for animals was instilled in him by his mother Firoza Irani, who even today feeds close to a hundred stray dogs everyday. With such kind heart running in the family it is completely hopeless for us who cannot help falling in love with the Abrahams.

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