Succcess is not the most important thing for Big B!


Everyone is raving about PINK. There is not a single segment in the audience who has come out disappointed but Big B, who plays a lawyer in the film is not satisfied. Certain reports have come forth wherein it was made to understand that the audience wasn’t sitting through the end credits of the film. For all those who have seen the film, it is obvious that the end credits hold pivotal role in the film narrative .

“It is the usual set up for most theatres as soon as the credits start, they turn the lights on and start clearing the place for the next show. However, it is necessary that people sit through the film all to the end. The crux of the film is knowing when the a NO is a NO! And that comes through best towards the end of the film, it is extremely important that people realise it,” stated the trade analysts who have been singing praises for the film for the past week.

However, Amitabh Bachchan isn’t the type who would just sit and watch while people miss the bigger picture about the film. So the actor took up social media and has been requesting those who are seeing the film to please sit through the very end of the credits. More so, Mr. Bachchan has made a public request to all theatres to not switch on the lights when the credits start because that usually signals the end of the film and he doesn’t want the audience to miss the end.

“Trust, Mr. Bachchan to take it upon himself to made his audience aware of what PINK really is, there is so much to the man that’s beyond his contemporaries. Once the film is a hit people usually get busy with success parties and the next venture but for Mr. Bachchan the need to spread the awareness is extremely important too, which is amazing,” quipped the trade analyst.

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