Sonam Kapoor is miffed at the sexism in Bollywood


She has never quite been the kind of girl who just shuts up and lets everyone else take her for granted but recently Sonam Kapoor really lost her cool when she was addressing the gender biases in Bollywood.

She might be known popularly for her fashion sense but her intolerance for injustice is as rampant as anything else. Sonam Kapoor recently exclaimed she finds it so disheartening to see a John Abraham and Varun Dhawan get 20times more than waht Kareena and sonam will be getting in their film veere, together.

“It is wrong on so many levels that it is difficult to keep quiet about it any longer, why can there is equality, why cant people respected by their work and not their sex?” she asked. We dont know the answer to it, but here’s hoping those who know, will be able to do something about it.

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