Little Harshaali Malhotra endorses kids oil


If you were told that “Spin it like a DJ!” and “Full on swag, zig zag!” were describing oil massages, you would probably not believe it. But today, Parachute Advansed has broken all boundaries with the launch of its first ever Parachute Advansed Hair Spa at KidZania Mumbai, an award winning Global Indoor Theme park that inspires and educates kids through real life role play. The Spa is geared to help kids enjoy oiling in a never-seen-before avatar, where they can learn simple yet fun massages like Rockstar and Chill Pill through unique, easy-to-follow music videos, trending oiled hairstyles like Elsa Braid, and much more!

Adding a pinch of innocence and dollops of fun to the event were star kids Harshaali Malhotra, Shivansh Kotia, Ruhanika Dhawan and Spandan Chaturvedi, who had fun discovering the joy of oiling in its new, fun format. Donning the hat of a Spa Manager and Customer, these little wonders learnt various massages and new ways of hair oiling at the Parachute Advansed Hair Spa. Soon after, all four took charge in their roles in order to put their learning to practice.

Commenting on the event, the ever smiling Harshaali Malhotra said, “My mom oils my hair at least once a week, but till today, I didn’t realize how much fun it could be. Now that I learnt the Rockstar and Chill Pill massages, I can’t wait to teach them to her and make my oiling time at home more fun! I love my new oiled hairstyle as well, and I can’t wait to try it at my next birthday party.”

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