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Marriage, like any other institution, has changed. Sure, we still love our big boisterous emotionally-charged weddings which we will often splurge our entire lifesavings on. Difference is now even the most orthodox of clans accept that the splashy shaadi might disintegrate in an ugly mess mere months down the line. And what better way to prepare practically for that eventuality than to have an ironclad pre-nup drawn up to ensure the wealthier partner is never stripped at the cleaners? The Khans at Galaxy have reportedly accepted this possibility and, while hoping for the best, are supposedly also prepping for the worst…

Amitabh Bachchan & Jaya Bachchan

But in some ways, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Look around and you see several working B-town marriages echoing age-old Granny-generation wisdom. For instance, you realise that nothing can draw a straying husband home more effectively than a poppet in whose chubby hands he is putty. We realise that reformed rakes can and do indeed make the best husbands – after decades of wild oats-sowing, they turn into devoted daddies and whizz off abroad en famille several times a year for quality time together. Marriage to an older divorced man needn’t be a union doomed, especially when the man of experience is able to dazzle his young wife with his refinement and elegance. Sticking together for the sake of the kids, society and Mummyji can also pan out well down the line; the once-errant husband remains eternally obliged to make amends. And, at the risk of raising more feminist hackles, a woman who retains that special je ne sais quoi about her – beauty is good, but brains and quirk, even better – does succeed in keeping her cerebral star husband still hooked.

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…Which makes me optimistic enough to surmise that Iulia Vantur will indeed be her older man’s darling for the rest of their lives. The post 40s increase in estrogen comes with its definite pros – more sensitivity, less aggression, better listening capacity. So what if vitality and physical agility decline? That’s still 50 shades of all things we really need in a man! Let the shehnais begin…!

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