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When the nation’s most famous bachelor finally prepares to wed, it’s gotta be the biggest blockbuster ever. There’s wedding finery to be purchased by the ton and jewellery by the cartload, as the Khan-daan prepares for the grand and momentous spectacle of the inimitable Salman Khan saying ‘Kabool’. Of course there is certain under-groundwork in progress too which won’t be flaunted like the trousseau treasures are – the reported pre-nup! With marriages collapsing like nine pins – even strong unions like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – can’t exactly blame Bhai’s family for feeling a twinge of fear and wishing to secure his interests… His interests are their interests as well, don’t we know, tee hee.

BTW if you see Bhai all a-blush, don’t presume it’s merely his upcoming November nuptials. The reason could well be certain images of herself that a certain delectable female friend has been forwarding to him. Sure, he’s kinda like her mentor and she oh-so-innocently wants to seek out his professional opinion, blah blah. But bikinis and lingerie?? That is soooo profound!

IMG_1155  Katrina Kaif

With both Katrina and Ranbir still nursing broken hearts which haven’t yet healed, they really should look at working things out together. How long anyway can one seek solace in a pill, for instance?



Love the way Priyanka Chopra keeps us hooked, dropping these saucy li’l suggestions about her love life… And probably giving that certain someone mild cause for concern. So while she coyly speaks about her need to keep her relationships private – the remaining 90% of her life is an open book, she claims – she slips in something of far greater interest… That she has been in relationships, but “right now I’m in a place where it’s complicated. Thanks, Facebook.” Thanks, PC!

The spirits might be Fawad Khan’s weakness but the ladies aren’t and this, despite the blatant way they fling themselves at him. Why, recently there were two B-town hotties giving him more than the glad eye – but our gorgeous dude just smiled and politely ignored the come-hither vibes and hints. With another baby on the way, I’m hoping he’ll continue to hold out!

IMG (6)  Aamir Khan


How very kind of Aamir Khan to have gifted Shabana Azmi a special screening of his DANGAL on her birthday. Naturally, Azmi didn’t just watch and enjoy, she promptly proclaimed to the world how brilliant the film is, and how Aamir’s performance is his best till date. Some birthday gifts are so thoughtful and personal, no? Me, I’d just prefer a fat chocolate cake.

IMG_8988 Sonakshi Sinha

I’m liking how Sonakshi Sinha kinda put her ex-flame firmly not just in the friend zone but the dad zone! The lass was heard quipping that Ranveer Singh was the only actor fit to play her daddy Shatrughan Sinha. Nicely done, Sona darling.

Kajol with Karan Johar

While it has been confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan will appear on Karan Johar’s madly popular TV talk show, there’s not a whiff about Kajol coming over… The whole AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL vs. SHIVAAY clash has claimed its biggest victim already – Kads’ and KJo’s old friendship… ‘Koffee…’ without Kads’ cackle, just won’t be the same. Sigh.

DSC_7334  Alia Bhatt cutout


I’m used to Aamir Khan magically transforming into a college student, an alien and everything in between. But even he’s gonna find his work cut out for him if he does romance the baby-faced Alia Bhatt, who has apparently been approached for this YashRaj biggie. A 28-year age gap between onscreen lovers is pushing it just the slightest bit, no?

DSC_0156 Rakesh Roshan


Rakesh Roshan is an old veteran at wielding the megaphone…and the whip! Apparently, the filmmaker has decided that enough is enough and has sent packing the so-called spiritual guru who has created more hate than harmony in his family. The ‘life coach’ had even moved into the multi-level Roshan residence, even as all the members of the family battled marriage issues. Now with the charlatan kicked out, hopefully peace moves back into the Roshans’.

Parineeti Chopra (2)
Ask Parineeti Chopra about weight-loss tips at your own risk. The lass is supposedly not at all averse to dropping a few misleading suggestions to those who ask, which could actually result in weight gain! Can’t expect a B-town beauty to share her trade secrets, after all…

(4) - Copy 1

While the world marveled at young Sara Ali Khan’s trim midriff at her stepmom Kareena’s birthday party, apparently the sight didn’t go down well at all with the young lady’s mommy. Amrita Singh is said to have kicked up a fuss at her daughter’s crop top. I’m just wondering, did Sara borrow it from Kareena??


And on that happy note, I’ll say adios. Catch ya soon, my sweets.

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