Guess what did Judi Dench gift Ali for his b’day?

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It was Ali Fazal’s bday on Saturday and this Lucknow boy was shooting in London with Dame Judi Dench. The day was celebrated on the sets of Victoria and Abdul with a small cake cutting ceremony. Now it’s obvious that he must’ve received some amazing gifts. And since royalty is the flavour of the season we can can expect that the gifts too were royal. So what did Ms Dench give him? Well you’ll be surprised to know that she gave him a beautiful set of Victorian style a collectors item of salt and pepper containers.
And why did she choose something so specific! 
While the two were shooting at the Osborne house which happens to the former house of the Royal Family, Ali had mentioned his love forVictorian style a lot of times and specifically a set of accessories that caught his attention. Like a good  co-star Judi kept this in mind and waited for the right occasion to present it to him! Being part of the royal house, it was almost impossible to get but Judi and the team managed to surprise Ali with this very special gift. 
We must say that Ali is really lucky to have such a wonderful lady as his co-star! 

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