Did you know that none of Shahid’s friends eat at his place?


We think of dance, muscles and fitness when we talk about Shahid Kapoor. And a fit body like Shahid’s needs healthy food. And this precisely was the reason none of Shahid’s friends liked to eat at his place.

Shahid explains, “I’m not a good cook! I can make tea, I can make parathas! I used to have jail food in my house earlier, I used to only have diet food which was really not tasty, no oil, no salt and no taste! Nobody ever used to like to eat when they used to come home. They’d always probably just eat before getting home, or run to a café right after or carry their own food! Nobody ever liked to eat at my place.”

After Shahid’s wedding, all of his friends are surely happy because they don’t have to eat the healthy food these days. “My wife is an amazing cook! She is awesome.” Says Shahid.

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