Proud Papa Suneil Shetty!

Everyone knows that Suneil refused to launch his kids however that didn’t stop Athiya and now Ahaan from getting big banners flocking towards them. If you ask papa Shetty what’s the one thing that he is utmost proud of, his reply would stun you… “I am proud that my kids are responsible and well behaved, more that anything else. I strongly believe that success will come and go, there will be so much that can be achieved in this industry but there is also so much that can be lost. There are a lot of influences around each and everyone but I am proud that my children know their responsibility. If my kids are going out with the friends, I know who they are partying with even today. It is not that it is a rule, it is just that my kids feel it is their responsibility to inform. That is more than what most parents get in todays day and age, a sense of responsibility in children is a trait to admire,” exclaimed papa. And we couldn’t agree more.

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