Irrfan Khan ends 2016 on a high note!

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Irrfan Khan is a rare phenomena who not only caught the fancy of the west but globally has been recognized by various production units and filmmakers. Not only has he paved the way for other Indian actors for wide representation of Indian actors in the west but also owing to the success of his work, he has managed to work in a truly global platform. In 2015, Irrfan shot for a series in Japan in which he plays the role of a judge from Calcutta after the unfortunate Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings who’s invited to Japan to execute a trial case. NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), FATT Productions of Netherlands, and Don Carmody Television (DCTV) of Canada have co-produced this mini-series.
NHK announced earlier this week in Tokyo that Tokyo Trial, a four part mini-series, filmed in 2015 in Lithuania and Japan as a co-production between NHK, FATT & DCTV, forms part of a historic first between the two content juggernauts: NHK and Netflix.
Tokyo Trial is a historic dramatic recreation of the trial that started in 1946, immediately following WWII, whereby 11 judges from all over the world were called to Tokyo where they spent two and a half years engaged in a landmark trial that determined the outcome of over 28 pacific war criminals as the entire world’s fate hung in the delicate balance and aftermath. This is the story of these Justice’s struggle to undertake the unprecedented task of ‘trying war as a crime’.
Irrfan khan is one amongst the truly incredible international ensemble including stars like Marcel Hensema (“Hollands Hoop”, Simon), Jonathan Hyde (Titanic, Jumanji, “The Strain”), Paul Freeman (Raiders of the Lost Arc), Stephen McHattie (300,Watchmen, Pontypool), and Julian Wadham (The English Patient), with Michael Ironside (Total Recall, Top Gun), as General Douglas MacArthur.

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