The Multi-Tasking Taapsee Pannu


Taapsee Pannu is all set for her new action packed role in her upcoming movie NAAM SHABANA, she will be playing the protagonist in the movie. It is directed by Neeraj Pandey, the movie is a prequel to her 2015 Hindi movie-BABY. This thriller is going to be full of mind-blowing action sequences. Taapsee herself have been performing the action sequences and will not be using a double for it. Cyril Raffaelli, the well-known Hollywood stuntman, stunt director, and martial arts expert is teaching her the right action moves and stunts. He has been a fight choreographer for super hit films such as THE TRANSPORTER, TEKKEN, THE INCREDIBLE HULK and much more. He was highly appreciated and acknowledged for being the fight choreographer for the movie BABY and he trained her the right action moves for that movie. Taapsee considers Cyril her action guru and she is delighted that she is getting a chance to learn new stunts from him.


While she is currently busy in Hyderabad shooting for a new Telugu Horror Comedy movie-MUNI 3, she is also balancing her time to shoot with the prep work for the climax shoot of NAAM SHABANA. She will be shooting for the climax of her the movie in mid-February, right after her Telugu movie wrap-ups in Hyderabad. While she is juggling between both these movies, Taapsee has made arrangements for Cyril to fly to Hyderabad to train her for the climax which demands additional training. Now, that is indeed is Multitasking.


“We have fairly limited time before we shoot the climax. The climax is going to be pretty intense and there’s a lot of action that I’m going to be doing. Cyril has been a great mentor and Akshay sir too has been a great guiding force for NAAM SHABANA especially my stunt training. I did extensive two months long training for the earlier schedule and now when I’m going to be shooting in Hyderabad we will be further working on the stunts and training before we shoot around mid-February. I’m shooting for a film there and will simultaneously juggle my time to wrap up my daily training,” says Taapsee.

NAAM SHABANA is expected to release on 31st March and was has been shot in locations like Malaysia, Delhi, and Mumbai. After her brief but much appreciated action scene in Baby, we can’t wait to see a full blown action film with Taapsee Pannu.

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