Theater Actor Robin Sohi To Enter Bollywood


Yet another theater import is soon to make a mark in Bollywood with not just one but two films. Robin Sohi who has been an active theater artist will soon see his debut film Ekta release around March. And just soon to the heels of his debut film, the strapping lad has already signed his second film, a rom-com this time called Raja Abroadiya.

Hailing from Karnal, Haryana, this Sikh Jatt moved to Mumbai 4 years ago with dreams full of Tinseltown and in no time was already doing stage and street shows under the ABSS Theater Group.

“The actual making of an actor happens while doing theater. I am the actor that I am today only for the theatre shows I did and it has helped me in my movies,” says Robin who is pretty excited about Raja Abroadiya. “I start shooting my second film just around the time my debut releases. What better could one ask for?,” says Robin excitedly.

Raja Abroadiya will be shot in India and Germany and Robin can’t stop talking about it. “I didn’t have to think twice after hearing the script of this film. It’s a very interesting rom-com with a unique concept. I couldn’t stop laughing during the narration itself. The comic punches are just hilarious and I simply loved the character-sketch of Raja, the role I play.”

Well, Robin’s excitement seems quite contagious and this sure sounds like a super hit in the making.

The Film is Produced and Directed by Lakhwinder Shabla, Raja Abroadiya will release under the banner Shabla Films Pvt Ltd. The film will be shot in India and Germany. Raja Abroadiya is a rom com around a rich but less educated boy and poor but highly educated girl, who decide to go abroad by faking a marriage. Music is by Mukhtar Sahota. Story of the film is written by Mani Manjinder Singh whereas Casting is done by Dinesh Sudarshan Soi. The crew which comprises of DOP Ishaan Sharma and Art Director Abhishek Redkar, are all set to start the shoot with a bang on ..

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