They consider Auto-tune a boon and adore Arijit Singh. Singers and co-judges on ‘The Voice India’, NEETI MOHAN and BENNY DAYAL share music notes with SHAGUN GANDHI.

Benny-Dayal How different is ‘The Voice India’ from other reality shows?

neeti mohan
‘The Voice’ is the only show in the world that has a unique format where you first listen to the voice and then select the person and I think that has been such a winner of a concept.  Even in the blind auditions, for instance, we aren’t judging anyone. We are taking one step at a time to build a team where we, as coaches, mentor the contestant and I think that is what makes ‘The Voice’ such a winner.
Benny: ‘The Voice India’ Season 2 is extremely different from the other reality shows on Indian television because on other shows the judges first have a face to face interaction where they get to know the contestant and then review or evaluate them on their performance. Whereas in the case of our show we are firstly, coaches and not judges and secondly, we first have our blind auditions where we don’t know who is singing. Only when we turn our chair do we know the face behind the voice we have pressed the buzzer for.
What kind of talent are you looking forward to from the show?
Neeti: I am super excited about ‘The Voice’ this time because we have got a great deal of talent coming from all over our country to audition for the show. It’s like you can hear India in each voice where one singer may sound from the north and the other might have a touch of folk in his voice. It feels so good to see these contestants so close to their culture that it’s just something worth appreciating and looking forward to.
Benny: The first and foremost thing is the voice, then it’s the great pitching, a unique vocal tone and especially unpredictable singing. Like if I get that one moment when the most unexpected note hits my ear, there is nothing that can stop me from pressing the buzzer.


How are the trends in music changing?
Neeti: It’s all because of the internet as it has so many available platforms. The world has shrunk and become glued to this medium of getting exposed to music. It has influenced people with the art of collaboration like mixing EDM with Bollywood, for example. The fact that we are tolerant and respectful of sharing it with each other just adds to the change in the trend.
Benny: The trends in music have seen it going to a whole new other level where initially it was just radio where one could listen to music and now there are so many mediums where one can listen to songs from watching it on television to watching or listening to songs on other social mediums like YouTube, Saavn, gaana.com etc. By the looks of it everything is going digital.

What is your take on the lack of pop icons in India?
I don’t think there is a lack of pop icons in India. Our culture is different, we come from Hindustani music and for that we have our legends like Lataji and Kishore Da and many more to name. So I believe we have enough inspiration in our industry where we take these amazing singers as our icons.
Benny: I personally think it’s how the social media or any other sort of public portals influence the public.

What are you currently working on?

Neeti: I just finished my stint in ‘MTV Unplugged’ and I am working on a concert with AR Rahman sir.

Benny: Can’t talk about it.

Auto-tune – evil or a boon?
Auto-tune is a very technical term. It’s like adding make-up to a song to make it sound presentable, so it is very different from live singing.
Benny: Boon – I think it’s excellent

Do you feel that Bollywood lacks good content in terms of music?
No, I feel Bollywood has versatile music and I don’t agree that it lacks good content in terms of music.
Benny: No.

From the current lot of singers, who is your favourite artiste on stage?

Neeti: I’d say Benny Dayal and Arijit Singh, they are my favourite artists on stage, and obviously no one can beat A R Rahman sir, he is just amazing!
Benny: Arijit Singh, I think he is really good.


Who would be your role models?
Ever since childhood A R Rahman sir has always been my role model.
Benny: Michael Jackson

Any New Year resolutions?
I think this year I intend to be closer to nature and avoid social media as much as I can.
Benny: My New Year resolution this year is not to have a New Year resolution.






1)   What is playing on your iPod?

‘Bills’ – LunchMoney Lewis

2)   You wish you had sung…

Vande Mataram


3)   Last song that was stuck in your head?

Agar tum saath ho…’


4)   The worst lyrics you have come across?

‘Batata Vada…’


5)   Biggest fear?

Sleeping at the airport and missing my flight!


6)   Your OMG moment

Winning the Filmfare


7)   Fave international singer
John Mayer


8)   If not a singer you would be…

An army officer


9)   What lies ahead?

More music!





1)   What is playing on your iPod?

24k Magic – Bruno Mars


2)   You wish you had sung…
      I’m content with whatever I have sung


3)   Last song that was stuck in your head?

24k Magic – Bruno Mars


4)   The worst lyrics you’ve come across?



5)   Biggest fear

Losing my voice


6)   Your OMG moment



7)   Favourite international singer 

Justin Timberlake


8)   If not a singer you would be…

Usain Bolt


9)   What lies ahead?


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