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She is glamorous, gorgeous, gracious. She would be your perfect Valentine provided you love the ‘jhalli’ in her, as much as you love her femininity. KRITI SANON lays down her conditions, while SHUBARNA MUKERJI SHU takes notes.

Everyone around me went berserk when I told them Kriti Sanon is our Valentine’s Day girl. You realise you are the epitome of all things lovely and girly?
Really? They actually said that? WOW! I will take that as a compliment of course. However, people who know me really well will know that there are two sides to me. My mother sometimes looks at me and wonders aloud, ‘How did this girl ever become an actress?!’ I guess it is the ‘Delhi’ in me. I can be very feminine with lace and frills, and then turn into a complete jhalla the very next moment. I guess, it is the inherent moohfattness that Delhiites are born with. We all have the foot-in-the-mouth disease, our brain to mouth filter is almost always dysfunctional so we tend to speak before we think… Result? The whole femininity thing goes out of the window when you least expect it!

But that’s the way I am. When you see me at home, I am dressed like a complete jhalla, lounging, bingeing and enjoying being around my family. But that’s why it is home, na? You don’t have to make an effort to be on your best behaviour.

Speaking about being on your best behaviour brings another question to my mind… There are times when one is trying to build a relationship with someone and, in the process of putting our best foot forward, we become someone we are not… Has that ever happened to you?
Not in such a drastic sounding way. But it is something I can totally understand. It is like when you are trying to build on a crush, trying to see whether you can have a relationship, you are always trying to look good for them, be nice and stuff… But never, through the course of the relationship, should you ever stop being yourself. Because if you try to be someone else to woo them into a relationship, thinking eventually when you are on firmer ground you will show your true self to them, it is downright wrong. You are abusing the relationship and yourself. These are the people who turn around and say, ‘Pehle everything was nice, but everything has changed now’. It changed because you said you were something which you are not! It is as simple as that.

Dressing up pretty, will eventually stop in the course of a relationship. You will, of course, see each other looking your worst but intrinsically you should be the same person… get my drift?

True! However, for someone as gorgeous as you, looking good is effortless. Yet many a time girls are said to ‘let go’ of themselves when in a secure relationship… what do you have to say about that?
It is not possible to be always dressed up, when you are in a long term relationship. That will be abnormal. But then, that doesn’t mean you won’t make the person feel special. Once in a while, couples who have been in a relationship for really long should just step outside. Just the two of them – like a date. Dress up for it. Make it known that even after all these years that you have spent together, you want to look your best for him. It is nice. Everyone likes feeling special, and it only makes you feel happy, so what’s the harm?

Since we are on the subject of dates, we would love to hear about your perfect date.
Like all girls, I too am a sucker for romance; there is something about beaches that really does it for me. It would be ideal to have dinner by the beach, the table set for two, a nice white table cloth, with some scented candles, waves washing your feet… Mmmmm! Yes all that would be lovely. Someday, I would like to experience that but you know, I would equally love sharing a pizza with my loved one, at home watching a movie we both like and dressed in our pajamas and enjoying our time together. I guess, at the end of the day it boils down to who you are with. When you love someone, spending time with them is enough to make you happy, and feel loved.

This is getting too impersonal! I want to know more about you. What is Kriti Sanon like on a date, as a girlfriend?
Of course, I am the best girlfriend anyone could have (laughs) I am really praising myself to the skies! But you know, I have a lot of friends who confide in me, I know everything that has been happening in their relationships … how they behave around their guys, and believe me, I am more understanding than any of them. I tend to give the people I love a lot of room, and I trust blindly. It does make me susceptible to hurt but I cannot help it. I am just made that way. You give me that most bizarre story and I buy it. I want to believe that people are good at the heart of things.

Now let me think of flaws I have as a girlfriend, because I am sure even I cannot claim to be perfect! I guess it is my forgetfulness. When I am working, I am almost always 100% into it; I cannot remember to do anything else. I forget even to call my mother, so I know I am really bad.

…as long as you are with him 100% when you are together!
I am that, I am always 100% present, no matter where I am. I guess, it is a plus and a minus.

While you sound like an adorable girlfriend what does a guy have to do to win you over?
Small things, really… I am won over mostly by gestures more than by gifts. For me, what he does for me matters the most. For instance, there are days when you want to meet, but cannot because of work and such, and yet, when he drives across for an hour, despite being very tired… just so that he can spend 20 minutes with you, that’s special. I usually get cold, and knowing that if he carries a jacket for me without me asking for it, is pure love. If we are meeting after work, and he knows I would be coming straight from the sets and would not have had time to eat, so he gets me something to eat without me saying anything about being hungry… that’s special. These are things that matter; these are things that make a relationship because it means you have been on his mind, even when you are not near him. Your comfort, your hunger… means something to him. Isn’t that more than what any diamond could mean?

And while he does that, how do you reciprocate? Tell us about the craziest things you have done in the name of love.
I haven’t done anything crazy as such, just the usual stuff. I have made scrapbooks, written poems … wait, I have done something crazy – I have cooked! Yes, it doesn’t get crazier than that because I hate to cook. I hate getting into the kitchen, and I did that too… I guess, we all just want to tell our loved ones that we want to go that extra mile for them, do something special, let them know they are more than anyone has ever been.

That’s all really sweet, nothing remotely crazy there! You are coming across as the ideal girlfriend. I can only imagine how many guys must have been fluttering around you while you were in school…
You know, the best thing about school is that phase when you have concluded you are in love – absolutely, irrevocably in love with that cute boy from the next class… So you drag your best friend and stand in a particular place where you can see him better. You take the longer route to your own class so that you can pass his class on the way. It is silly, it is like you have completely lost all common sense but you justify it by calling it love! In retrospect, this silly behaviour makes you cringe, given you have not even spoken to this great love of your life… But that time, it was the be-all and end-all of everything you knew and felt about love.

Tell us more about this crush of yours…
What’s to tell? Oh! There was this once when he had called home. I remember then I didn’t have a mobile phone, so he had called on the landline. My mom had answered the phone and was sitting right next to me. I don’t remember what I spoke to him, but I remember my body turning really hot, I was completely flushed. I was so aware of my mother right next to me. When I hung up, she asked me about the caller. I was like, ‘He is just a classmate’. My mom didn’t buy that of course…

She knows me inside out, but even someone who was just meeting me would have known that was not just a simple call from a schoolmate!

Ah! The lovely school romances, first love and all that jazz…
No, you cannot call it love. Frankly, even today I am not sure I have love all figured out. There is no way I can define it. How does one define love? I am not sure people who are in love even, can define that feeling perfectly. For me, love is a strong connect. Something that attracts you, pulls you and binds you to a person, and you have no idea why you are drawn to them. I really feel if you think that you love a person because he dresses well, or speaks well or some other superficial reason, you are not in love; you are faking it. So all the girls out there who think they love a guy because of the way he looks, because of his physique or because of the way he speaks – I will tell you right now, that in all probability you are not in love – at least, not the forever kind of love. If you can put a reason for your feeling, you might as well be ready for the reason to vanish eventually and then what?

Even during courtship, I think it’s important to try to understand the person they are with, in a deeper way. Also, don’t run away after the first fight. Arguments are healthy – you are arguing, you are trying to know each other better, trying to fight towards finding a middle path. If you just keep on agreeing with each other for everything, then perhaps one of the two of you is not being genuine. No two people can be alike all the time.

True, there might not be particular reasons for which you love a person, but are there reasons why you cannot love a person?
Of course, I cannot deal with someone who doesn’t respect people. Who discriminates between people depending on the level at which they work. I cannot fall in love with such a person ever. I really believe the way you treat people around you, speaks a lot about who you are. If you cannot respect another person just because he is doing a menial job – you are not worthy of my love. I cannot be with such a person. Forget love, I wouldn’t want to be comfortable in the same room as him. It is very important for me that the person I am with respects women. This is the essence of your personality, you cannot turn a blind eye to that…

But they say love is blind….
Yes they say so but that’s true for the films. I love love stories and romantic films but I am sure I understand that the stuff we see in films isn’t what happens in real life. For instance, it was all achingly romantic what Aditya Roy Kapoor did in ASHIQUI 2, I fell in love with that film but under no circumstances would I have behaved that way… So you see… reality is not so blind in love!




Favourite Romance Novel: Erich Segal’s Love Story. Actually I am not so much of a reader, so I am really proud I finished this book, also it was a rather sweet story.

Favourite Romantic film (Bollywood): Veer Zaara, I have seen it a million times and I would see it again if possible.

I also liked Imtiaz Ali’s SOCHA NA THA… it was such an unusual romance.

Favourite film (Hollywood): While I was in school, TITANIC was the ultimate romantic film so that and BEFORE SUNRISE, because love is all about conversing really, it is so important to talk; and more recently, there was SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK – a different kind of romance though…

Most Romantic Man Onscreen: I have always been mooning over Shah Rukh Khan, now even Ryan Gosling has been added to the list.

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